24 Weeks~ Cookie Monster, MBA, & Bow Ties

wk 24

Week 24 marked a huge accomplishment, I finished my MBA degree! Go Tech! a long 2 years but so happy to have it completed! Also this week, we got our kitchen countertops in! I’m loving the new black granite and am excited to finish out the trim this weekend and call it a wrap on the laundry/kitchen renovation.  Before and after pics to come.

Not only did I graduate this weekend (did’t actually attend a graduation or walk) but Natalie graduated from FAMU with her DPT.  We all had dinner and went out for a while to talk wedding plans.  Super excited yet a little worried  about being in a wedding 6 weeks after our due date. We are trying on bridesmaid dresses next week..yikes!

ON to Baby Tripp.

Tripp Michael Eubanks is growing strong says the constant wave pool of movement inside me. He is active throughout the day and his jabs and kicks have changed into more constant pushes in areas vs sporadic flinches.


Now that graduation is complete I have let myself drift into full on baby mode! Graduation coupled with seeing Natalie and talking about all her wedding plans, I let myself give in and made my FIRST BABY PURCHASE.  Tripp now has a full wedding weekend wardrobe for the Whitfield/ Stewart wedding. Here’s one, how cute is that bow tie, I am seriously obsessed and Bryan liked my clothing choices too 🙂

With my baby craze came the moving of our guest bed and a good start to cleaning out and making room for a nursery! We should be picking up the dresser being refinished next weekend.

I looked into the TMH Birthing classes and realized I have slacked a little in that department. Who knew they booked 6 months out! Luckily I found a spot in the Prepared Childbirth course which runs for 5 weeks beginning in June. The Prenatal Breastfeeding classes are all booked but I put myself on a wait list and if it doesn’t happen then the lactation talk during labor and delivery will have to do.  I am obsessed with wanting to breastfeed and have that connection with our baby along with all the physical and nutritional benefits it will bring him.

Not sure what has come over me but I am seriously so excited! I’ve been excited since I knew we were pregnant but now that I am letting myself get prepared and putting stuff into place for Tripp’s grand debut I can’t contain myself.  He will be here before we know it.

I’ve continued to be pretty active, biked at Tom Brown twice last week.  I wish I could go more, but I have to take a rest day in between rides, my legs ache afterwards and my groin fells so sore or strained.  It hurts to pick up a leg to put a pair of pants on.  I asked Dr McAlpine and he said that is just part of it, the muscles and ligaments are relaxing in preparation for delivery so my workouts are causing them to tighten.  He said all is good and the more in shape I try to stay the better delivery will be.  Besides trying to stay active to be in shape, I guilt myself into forced workouts or walks because I have seriously turned into the Cookie Monster.  I think I have had a cookie, brownie, or ice-cream daily for the past two weeks.  So not my normal self but this sweet tooth is the real deal.  Hopefully this doesn’t affect my gestational diabetes test which I take tomorrow… confession- cookies currently on the counter waiting for me so this blog is a wrap!!!


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