14 mo update

At 1 year you have 8 teeth and are beginning to get molars on your right side. You say mama now and are so happy. You get excited at the funniest things including Harper sneezing which sent you into a hysterical laughing fit.

You began walking at 14 mo. during a hurricane.. and I should have known then, you walking is like a hurricane. All over the place and into everything.

A week after your 1st Bday we moved into Grandmama and Big Daddy’s after our house sold quickly and we hadn’t yet made a plan. You caught on quick to the farm life. You love the horses and are always wanting to go outside to see them. And Harper has totally been replaced by your “Kitty Kitty” Patches. You love following him around the house and I credit him antagonizing you constantly with the extra motivation you needed to realize you can walk.

You still aren’t the best eater. Cheerios, pretzels, granola bars, yogurt and ice cream for the win. Just last night you destroyed some cream corn so that may have to make it into the rotation as well.