35 Weeks- Weekend Success




Not sure what happened to either of us, but we had a rather productive weekend! Sunday we purchased a recliner for the nursery, laundry room cabinets hung and some more  final finishes to the ongoing kitchen renovation, painted the back deck and purchased a dyson to satisfy my cleaning needs.  I was planning to do a true deep clean of the house but once the floors were all vacuumed and sheets washed my motivation turned toward resting on the couch.

Saturday we a fun day though, it was my moms birthday Friday so we spent Saturday at Lake Talquin with her at Jane Olson’s.  Another successful sun day just lounging in 1ft water soaking up the sun! I once again rocked the bikini around a group of people and mom just shook here head and laughed.  The picture above is from the end of the day.  Gotta love that belly sticking straight out and the belly button even further!

The heat definitely plays a role in my mood as I am constantly drinking water and get exhausted easily.  My right groin muscle has been having muscle spasms and it makes me want to lay down and be lazy that much more!

We got the last piece to the nursery in the mail, a TEM wood monogram for over the crib.  I am hoping to get it painted this next week and take Nursery completion pictures! Until then.. Tripp keep growing in there, we will see you in a few short weeks, or less!



34 Weeks~ Nursery is Complete… almost


Order #182129237 - Week 34

Well I finally feel we are ready! The nursery is almost done and a hospital bag is half packed just in case.  Tripp needs at least 3 more weeks but should he decide he just has to meet his family sooner we are ready and waiting… as ready as we can be anyways 🙂 Full nursery post coming soon!


At our 34 week appt I was told we are healthy and all is well.  I have gained 25 lbs total and my belly is protruding further and further. In Baby class we learned about epidurals and alternative medicines during labor and delivery.  As of now the plan is  to receive IV medicine until I’m uncomfortable then go for the epidural.  Some say get the epidural right away but I’m not sure how I feel about being immobile and unable to walk for that extended period of time.  I’m not writing a formal “birth plan” like some people recommend because there is no way to know how our experience will be.  I have general ideas and just plan to rely on communicating with Bryan and the hospital staff to choose the best path for us.

I can tell Bryan is ready to meet his little man.  He went with me to Target to get our monitor and see if there were any clothes he wanted to buy.  Unfortunate for him between our showers and my recent Target trips we already own a good bit of there cure baby clothes! We did order Bryan his own diaper bag (camo of course) and installed the carseat base in both of our cars. We even went and bought a yoga/birthing ball for me to use at home in teh coming weeks to stretch on and use when I go into labor at home. Bryan swears we are going to the hospital at the last minute possible but I have a feeling that plan may change 🙂

33 Weeks~ Happy 4th


This week on the Birthing Class agenda was a tour of the Labor & Delivery Floor at TMH.  I can not begin to describe how eye opening this was for myself and Bryan and how much it takes the fear of the unknown out of the anticipation.

We were able to see the labor & delivery rooms, where the OR is, and the recovery rooms.  Bryan can’t wait to spend 2+ days in a hospital… hah. Our class instructor, Karen, is exactly who I was hoping for when we signed up for the class.  A mom to 3 who just tells you how it is! The good, the bad, and the ugly truth! All about sitz baths, using ice and all the other details you don’t want to think about when having a baby. Let’s just say Bryan now has a full vision of this whole birthing process and I think it was great for the both of us.  I mean who knew if you left your room you couldn’t be carrying your baby, that he will have to be in the bassinet if we decide to wander the hospital halls… not I.

This week was also the 4th of July! Short work week and a full day on the ‘Pay Dirt’ boat to Dog Island.  It felt amazing to lay in the shallow water, eat watermelon and soak up the sun!

I’ve been a complete slacker about taking bump pics, but these are from last weekend at Clay & Jenna’s Wedding Party!

11665506_10153109382361339_1284298910332089069_n    11693812_10153109383216339_1707589957677349012_n