32 Weeks~ Baby Shower #2


32 Weeks marked the beginning of 2 week Dr appts. We are at 21 lbs, going strong and healthy, and will have an ultrasound at 36 weeks. It was another full weekend of events with Jess’ Birthday Party, Clayton’s Wedding Reception, and our Family baby Shower.

The shower was completely overwhelming at how many family members and close family friends came to show their love and showered us with way too much! Joann and Susie did an amazing job and everyone had a great time! Here are a few pictures from the day.

11668121_1651217571776343_700044510_n 11650623_1651217561776344_2145648065_n   11652128_1651217518443015_551001975_n  11667221_1651217481776352_125931710_n  IMG_1670 IMG_1669

We now officially have a crib set up, a dresser full of clothes and baby supplies, a car seat and stroller, diaper genie, diapers, blankets, bath tub, blankets, changing pad, and a huge assortment of nursery books!

IMG_1668  IMG_1667


31 Weeks~ Tripp has taken over the schedule




This week was all about Tripp.  From attending our first birthing class to our couples baby shower, a 3D/4D ultrasound and when not busy at an event insomnia kicks in about 4:30am!

Birthing Class-

THM offers a ton of baby prep classes and we decided to enroll in a 5 session course that goes over breastfeeding, labor, breathing, positions, epidurals, a tour of the womens pavillion and a ton more.  We attended our first class this week and it was very informative in just that short 2 hour window. We saw filmed labors and I was shocked at how active and mobile they want you to be during labor and the contractions.  It looked like a whole workout of squats, stretching, walking and swaying back and forth. looks exhausting but guess thats why it’s called labor.  Bryan even enjoyed the class. It made me feel like maybe I could do this all natural but nahh, still planning on an epidural!

3D/4D Ultrasound-

We want our families to be involved in this process as much as possible and one of those efforts was planning a 3D/4D ultrasound for them all to attend. Pris, Gammy, Mom, Dad all attended our ultrasound on Sat before our Couples Shower.  While Tripp didn’t cooperate as per his usual ultrasound performance, we were still able to get some good pictures.  His lips look massive, wonder where those came from, and his little ears, feet and hands are just precious.  This made me so ready to hold him!



Couples Baby Shower-

Our 1st Baby Shower was  a couples shower hosted by Caylan and Joanna!IMG_8814

We had about 30 friends at dads house for dinner and had a great time. We got some super cute gifts including this Diaper 4-wheeler Julie Cosper made. IMG_8738

It was great to see everyone and their support for this next chapter in our life. Baby clothes, a boppy, Kiinde bags, shower supplies and soo much more!  I even came home and started organizing at 11pm! Who am I? The nesting has officially begun!

IMG_8778   IMG_8777

IMG_8773  IMG_8751

IMG_8763  IMG_8748  IMG_8730

IMG_8745 IMG_8734



30 Weeks!

Week 30

As the picture clearly states Tripp Michael Eubanks is our little mans official name!! and he is growing! At over 3lbs and 15in long now, his length is apparent and I’m feeling him move up towards my rib cage.  Until this week he has sat rather low and hasn’t caused to many changes to my lifestyle, but this week if I sit funny or walk to fast I find it slightly more difficult to catch my breath.

The weather played in my favor this week and Bryan had a rain day off work! yay for house chores.  The room got its final paint touch ups and the crib was put together and set up when I came home from work Wednesday! Seeing the crib in the room makes the pregnancy seem that much more real and is a visual that time is counting down! I love the crib given to us by my dad and Tara (Caylan ordered it for them) and it is a sigh of relief to my planner self wanting the room ready for action.

We went to Kinzi & Brandon’s baby shower which was more of a small get together but it was great to see friends and there were actually 4 pregos there myself included! Babies everywhere!!!! She was given her stroller combo by Kim & Stuart and I am ready to get ours all situated in a few weeks.

This week Caylan and I also had a girls weekend while Bryan went fishing. Barnaby’s, shopping, and pool time was just what the Dr ordered!! Was great to have a relaxing weekend after a long work week and a longer one planned for next week.  We bought a mint fishing sign for decor in the nursery, Caylan wouldn’t let me buy any clothes saying I have to wait until after the showers.

At our 30 week appointment I saw the Nurse, Angela, and she reported that all our vitals looked great. At 20lbs gained I was in a good place and Tripp’s heartbeat in the 140’s was consistent and strong. I received the Pertussis shot to hopefully pass some of that immunity to Tripp when he is born but other than that we start 2 week visits now and I’ll report back at 32 weeks.

29 Weeks~ Walking/Waddling & Working

Since I’ve been extremely lazy about taking weekly or even biweekly bump pics I decided to take one after our walk tonight just to keep documenting!  I’ve been trying to keep up with afternoon walks and to be less of a cookie monster but the struggle is real.  Walking makes me feel like I have pulled both of my inner leg/groin muscles.  After a long walk it is even difficult to lift a leg to put clothes on.  So far we’ve had a great pregnancy so if this is the worst of it I can’t make any complaints!


Over the last month or so I’ve been promoted at work to Office Manager/ Facility Administrator.  This was such an honor and I am thrilled to get going in my new role.  This was the reason for my trip to Dallas a few weeks back and I went to Atlanta last week for a few days. We have been very busy at work and I am currently trying to hire 2 new employees. I’ve been putting in long hours to get acclimated and make sure I’m ready for the new role once it is announced to the office next week!!! I even get to renovate and build/decorate my own office!!

Unfortunate for my exercise schedule, my long hours have provided a much too easy excuse as to why I haven’t been hitting the gym, walks around the block with Harper are about as good as it gets this week and due to the groin pain it’s really all I can take anyways.  I’ve also noticed on multiple occasions that my walk is more of a waddle.. yikes

This weekend is the Poole baby shower and I can’t wait to see Kinzi and her bump! Its nice to have someone 3 days apart in their pregnancy!  Our showers are in 3 weeks so getting to go to Kinzi’s shower has me even more anxious and excited for ours to be here.

Here is a picture of our shower invites that went out last week!


Bryan has been slowly working on the nursery, it should be painted with the mirror hung this weekend.  Caylan even worked her magic and has Dad & Tara purchasing the crib for us so I should have that next week!! For some reason the 30 week mark has me a little anxious to have a room ready in case of an early arrival!!! My goal is to have the nursery and all the major must haves by July 1!! Our next appt is on our 30 week date and I cant wait for an update from the Dr. McAlpine.  I’m hoping we will have another ultrasound then but I don’t think it is until my 34 week appointment, in the mean time we may choose to have the 4D ultrasound and invite our parents to come!

28 Weeks- Memorial Day

Order #182129237 - Week 28

Memorial Weekend was so great! We spent the weekend at St George Island with Caylan, Natalie & Neel.  The water was super rough so the boys didn’t get to enjoy opening weekend of Red Snapper season but they took the little blue boat out and had a good time.

While they were fishing the girls had beach time and Caylan snuck some large and in charge bump pics.


This one is quite ridiculous!!


Harper is such a beach dog. He had waayyy too much fun and took a day to recover from all his swimming and endless digging!


Sunday night we had dinner at the house with Dad & Tara and ended up playing the board game clue.  It’s amazing how something as simple as family game night can have such an impact for quality time.

On Monday after Caylan and Nat left, Bryan and I went for a short fishing excursion out of the park.  It was so nice and peaceful to be on the water soaking up the sun. We both caught a few keepers and had a great time… beach bums and didn’t want to come home!


Baby Tripp is growing and moving nonstop! Caylan and I went for a long walk Sat morning and I was oh so sore by that afternoon.  We got sidetracked talking and passed the house by 3 blocks on the way back.. oops! Absolutely love having my bff/sister living back in Tally and around all the time!