Week 23-The week of travel…

From Melbourne, Orlando, Dallas, and Del Ray Beach, Bryan and I have been on the go!!!

Week 23 started in Melbourne for Krysti’s baby shower, pit stop in Orlando to have lunch with Lauren before flying to Dallas for work.

While I was only in Orlando a few hours I got to see Lauren and I got to make my first trip to Buy Buy Baby.. um wow! That place is insane and kicked my baby Tripp prep into overdrive.  I spent about an hour in the airport looking at items I saw in the store and deciding what I really have to have and what we can do without.

Dallas was great.. especially the food!! Tex-mex, Mexican, and award winning BBQ from Pecan Lodge, all in 3 days.. yumm!  My trip to Dallas was extremely last minute as part of an office reorganization training and I was unsure what to think about everything, but looks like this is going to be a great opportunity for myself and our family.

After a week from home I was glad I had denied going to Del Ray beach for Julia & Rich’s wedding but Bryan went with everyone and I got the cutest pictures of him dancing with our niece Charlotte throughout the night. I can’t wait to see him as a dad!


My excitement of Buy Buy Baby must have rubbed off because Bryan and Pris stopped at the same one in Orlando on their way home from Del Ray.  What was he shopping for??? Baby Carriers… Bryan has this hysterical (to me at least) obsession with baby carriers.  I was given a list of his favorites when he got home… Lillie Airflow and the Baby Bjorn among the top.

Along with the baby carriers Bryan has been very into picking a stroller and carseat.  Between my priorities of safety and size, Bryan’s list of padding and easy of use make our search quite long.  I had decided to go with the Britax Travel System but he likes the Recaro… I think because there a racing car brand but they do look nice. Guess it is back to review boards before making a final decision!!


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