Week 23-The week of travel…

From Melbourne, Orlando, Dallas, and Del Ray Beach, Bryan and I have been on the go!!!

Week 23 started in Melbourne for Krysti’s baby shower, pit stop in Orlando to have lunch with Lauren before flying to Dallas for work.

While I was only in Orlando a few hours I got to see Lauren and I got to make my first trip to Buy Buy Baby.. um wow! That place is insane and kicked my baby Tripp prep into overdrive.  I spent about an hour in the airport looking at items I saw in the store and deciding what I really have to have and what we can do without.

Dallas was great.. especially the food!! Tex-mex, Mexican, and award winning BBQ from Pecan Lodge, all in 3 days.. yumm!  My trip to Dallas was extremely last minute as part of an office reorganization training and I was unsure what to think about everything, but looks like this is going to be a great opportunity for myself and our family.

After a week from home I was glad I had denied going to Del Ray beach for Julia & Rich’s wedding but Bryan went with everyone and I got the cutest pictures of him dancing with our niece Charlotte throughout the night. I can’t wait to see him as a dad!


My excitement of Buy Buy Baby must have rubbed off because Bryan and Pris stopped at the same one in Orlando on their way home from Del Ray.  What was he shopping for??? Baby Carriers… Bryan has this hysterical (to me at least) obsession with baby carriers.  I was given a list of his favorites when he got home… Lillie Airflow and the Baby Bjorn among the top.

Along with the baby carriers Bryan has been very into picking a stroller and carseat.  Between my priorities of safety and size, Bryan’s list of padding and easy of use make our search quite long.  I had decided to go with the Britax Travel System but he likes the Recaro… I think because there a racing car brand but they do look nice. Guess it is back to review boards before making a final decision!!


22 Weeks ~ 6 Months

Order #182129237 - Week 22

This week we moved on up to 6 Months!!  We also decided on a name for our little man… Tripp.  Still no middle name but I’m loving Tripp Eubanks

We had another OB appt and everything went great. Dr McAlpine said we were both doing well and would see me in 4 weeks! Officially at 12lbs.

This week was very busy but very fun!! I hosted a baby shower for Krysti Dixon and had way too much fun with it.  It was exciting to see all her baby gifts and got me so ready to set up Tripp’s room!


The Trifecta- Bike, Belly, Bladder


Well in my last post I wrote about my workout goals for this week.  While I haven’t made any gym appearances I have ridden my bike 2x’s at Tom Brown Park.  I’ve altered my route to only the double track to avoid the all to common tree crashes I typically have on the single track and have slowed down the pace a good bit.  The goal is as much fitness as it is stress relief and quiet time!

As peaceful as it is to escape work and get to riding before the 5pm racers show I have come across a new “challenge”.  That of the Belly and the Bladder while on the Bike.  The belly is well common sense… its getting bigger! With each pedal I can feel my thigh touch which is so odd.. I’ve found myself riding with a wider pedal to try avoiding said belly but well, that is just as odd… Another few weeks and I may have to film this experience for comic relief…

The second part of the bike struggle is what really bugs me most… the bladder.  Without too much detail, I will go right before I get on the bike and about 1/4 mi in I am about to bust.  Luckily Tom Brown Park is one of the best in the country and has multiple stops at various park entrances with restrooms but come on really!  I get there is a little guy growing and taking up space but if my bladder could just work with me for about 45 min I would be ohh so grateful!  I end up fighting through it and continuing my ride but this only causes issue #1-Belly to be more of a thought.

Overall, I’m loving my afternoon rides! The Tallahassee weather is perfect out, 96 and all sun today, and I’d much rather be out getting some fresh air and sunshine than running on a hamster wheel at the gym.  For now the Trifecta continues.. hopefully for a good bit longer!!

Little Easter Bunnies


Growing up Easter was possibly one of my favorite “holidays”.  The representation of new life and hope coinciding with the blooming flowers, green grass, and spring weather is just amazing! Today was no exception..

The weather was perfect, we had a great little family lunch and our nieces laughter was infectious. The girls were adorable and hunted eggs for probably an hour as we kept hiding the ones they had already found to keep them busy. Even Harper got in on the action!

DSC_0133  DSC_0134  DSC_0143

After much debate Bryan and I have decided on a name for little man.. Tripp.  I’m not sure exactly where it came from but Bryan added that to the list about two weeks ago and it seems to keep coming up and is now how we reference our little man. Without a formal yes this is his name we both just went with it, I even made sure to include him in the egg hunt.


Are we seriously half way there…. 20 Weeks!


This can’t be real life!! I am half way through my first pregnancy!!

20 weeks seems crazy, despite the anticipation and desire to meet our little man ASAP, these 10 months are flying by!!

5 months, 11lbs, and stretchy clothes later… August is quickly approaching.  I’m still wearing mostly my regular clothes but have to flip through the closet and evaluate if I’ll actually fit into each piece.  Skirts, shorts, pants.. definitely out but most shirts I can work with and some of my dresses. We went to a wedding party for Austin & Ciera Dickenson and I found myself at Marshall’s an hour before we were suppose to be there hoping to find a maxi dress.. and super shocker.. I found one that I love, it has rouching around the waist and makes my bump show vs just looking like a gut!  It will definitely be worn out by the time summer ends!!

The gym and I haven’t exactly been friends lately.. I haven’t been in about 3 weeks but I’ve set a goal for 3 gym sessions and either yoga or biking this week.  I’ve already got gym clothes packed and in the car because if I have to come home after work to change I know the cough will defeat me!   Here’s to 21 week fitness!

I am soo ready to have a nursery set up and everything in its place but to be honest haven’t even cleaned out the nursery room and still have to figure out what I am going to do with that furniture.   I hate to get rid of it but really don’t have a need for it at this time… to Roberts storage garage it goes 🙂 sorry dad! It truthfully gives me anxiety that I’m not all planned and ready to go, Bryan even talks about us moving before August.. STRESSFUL!!

We received two baby gifts this week.. one from my college roommate, Sarah, and one from Bryan’s sister, Joanna.  Loving the little outfits.. and since there already moms they both gave clothes in larger sizes not just newborn since we may skip that phase all together!

Little man still doesn’t have a 100% name but we are getting close to making a decision if we haven’t already, at least on a first name.  I find myself referring to him by name so I’m thinking it is gonna stick. He is kicking and moving all the time and yes, I’m still obsessed!

19 Weeks


Week 19 was a week of growth.  I put on 2lbs this week and was informed we should expect a big baby 🙂

Dr Willis, the Fetal and Maternal Medicine MD that I saw to run all of the screening tests is great!  We had our second ultrasound with him this week as part of the screenings and he said Baby Boy is looking great.  We were able to see his heart beat and the ultrasound was in color so you could see when and where the heart was pumping in and out!! Very cool experience.  This ultrasound also checked his internal organs and allowed for lots of measurements.  To know surprise as Bryan and myself aren’t exactly little people buy Baby Boy is weighing and measuring at almost 20 weeks.  So almost a full 2 weeks larger than average!! Yikes!! Dr Willis said I was right on track but that he will most likely be a big baby.. My first thought is that he needs to come out before he becomes a beast!!!

What I loved the most.. this picture. I know I’ve mentioned it before but we were able to see his little fingers and toes.

unnamed-1His right foot and 5 littles toes on the left and top of his head on the right!! Love him already!!

This week we also set dates for our baby showers.  A couples shower will be on June 20th at my dads and a girls & family shower will be on June 28th at Susie Leckinger’s.  Can’t wait for all the baby gear 🙂