7 Months


At 7 months you have become a little person to me. You hold up your arms to be picked up, recognize so many familiar faces, look like a little bird holding your mouth open for another spoonful of food, and hoot like an owl if that spoonful takes too long getting to you mouth! you eat so much, multiple nights you down 3- 4oz jars of baby food and look like you want more..

You laugh when I laugh and have random spurts of nonstop chatter. Overnight you mastered how to sit up on your own.. from nothing to never toppling over… AMAZING. You love to be on the go and let us take you with us wherever without a problem. The amount of time you spend simply studying your surroundings is so cute.

The sleep is still the same, 1 wake/night about 2:30am to nurse and go back down. You’re consistently going to bed at 8pm though that is nice.

Love you little bird.


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