Where has the time gone… 2 months old!

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Wow. Already 2 months old.  Tripp is growing so fast and developing new skills daily.  He smiles all the time when he is on the changing table… I think this is actually his favorite place to be.  He coos, stares out the window and smiles with all his toots and there are lots of those!

He is growing way to fast and my baby doesn’t feel like a baby anymore when I carry him. At 3.5 weeks he weighed 10.15lbs and started wearing 0-3 month clothes.  I didn’t go to the breastfeeding group for a while so at 6 weeks when I weighed him next he was 14lbs! His growth was apparent because at 6 weeks he had outgrown the 0-3mo clothes and moved on to the 3mo sizes.  Because he gained so quickly and has been having fussy spells I took him to the Dr just to make sure they didn’t think he was having any stomach issues. At 7 weeks, he weighed 15.12lbs… thats what some 6 month olds weigh!! The Dr said with him gaining a pound a week he didn’t think there was anything wrong, just a hungry boy so we will see how the next few weeks go.  Unfortunate for all the cute clothes, by the end of week 7 he had outgrown a 3mo sizes for the most part and I started dressing him in 3-6mo sizes. So many cute things he didn’t even get to wear!

Separate from the visual growing he is making lots of connections as far as holding his head up longer, being able to turn his head from either side during tummy time (which he is not a huge fan of), he likes to hold onto my hand, especially when he is upset, and he gets quite a grip on my shirt while nursing. During tummy time I sometimes think he will get himself to roll over, he is so forceful with his legs.. mostly in annoyance but he is strong! His legs are much stronger than his arms and we are working on getting him to push up with his arms.

His sleep is stretching out at night to about 5 hrs the first stretch then another 3.  We’ve put him down at 9pm for a week straight and that seems to work pretty well.  If we can get the morning sleep to last until 6:30-7 would be ideal but we’re getting there. He wakes up about 5am which is earlier than I want to start my day but late enough that he doesn’t want to go back down for too long.  All the sleep training talk about cutting out feeding tricks but with Tripp I think his bathroom schedule wakes him up.  The kid has some serious gas.  Week 8 we are starting to try to had set naps during the day.  The first day the morning nap took some work then he went down for an afternoon nap and didn’t want to wake up.  He slept from 1-2:30 when I put him in the carseat to run an errand, then slept from 2:45-6, even with me moving him from the carseat to swing once we got back home. Needless to say that was a rough night!

As I’m sitting here recounting the past few days I miss him and he is only in the next room, in his crib.. out of my arms for 1hr tops. It amazes me that even when I don’t think I can roll out of the bed one more time or think PLEASE STOP CRYING! when I look into those blue eyes it all seems ok. I’m dreading going back to work in 4 short weeks.






*Note to self… Carter’s clothes shrink a full size when they are washed so make sure they get worn early!


One Month


I can’t believe one month has already come and gone! Tripp continues to amaze me and I continue to stare at him all day getting nothing accomplished. So much for maternity leave projects.  He just now has started to smile, not on command or due to anything I entice, but a smile none the less and I almost cry with love. He is so cute and cuddly I can’t contain myself.

Harper has fallen right into the big brother role and goes to him when he cries and lays on the floor in front of us when I feed him.  Tripp is quite a noisy eater, sleeper… pretty much noisy 24/7 and Harper is settling into his coos but definitely differentiate between them.


In his first month Tripp has met most of his close family and friends. He was weighing 10lb15oz on his due date 8/18 when he was actually 3 1/2 weeks old and had outgrown his newborn clothes.  I may have teared up a little packing away the newborn outfits. Week 3 marked a milestone in our eyes in that he started staying awake for an hour at a time a few times each day.  At week 4 he was awake for 3 hours at one point.  He continues to sleep pretty well at night, no schedule but goes for 2 1/2 to 3 hours between wakes which is good from what I read. We are hoping to work on a schedule at week 7. Along with his weight gain, Tripp’s strength is growing as well. He can hold his head for seconds at the time to look around and kicks his legs with force.

Tripp loves the carseat and does well getting out and about. We try to make at least one daily outing. He may love the carseat too much as I let him finish out his nap there if we come home and he is still asleep which is causing him to have a heat rash on his neck and back of his head. Ohh the newborn struggles. We have had a few fussy periods where I wasn’t sure what his deal was but after some holding and rocking he eventually settles and we are back to normal.

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Newborn Pictures


Since Tripp came early I was able to book Jenna Reichert Photography to do his newborn pictures.  She was due with her 2nd child the 17th so initially couldn’t commit to the session with our due dates so close together.  I am so glad how these turned out and 2 weeks later am already sad looking back and seeing how much he has already changed! My little boy is already growing up.

Tripp at 10 days new!

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Better late than never— Nursery Reveal

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Well with Tripp’s Early arrival I never made an official nursery post.  Everything was complete before he was born except the monogram on the wall which I made a project the first week we were home when I was looking for something to do during his nap time!!


I am completely in love with how his nursery turned out especially since I didn’t have a set plan in mind.  I will say my favorite part is the dresser I had Delilah Cureton refinish.  I love the chic look yet rustic enough for a boy.  DSC_0171

The recliner was quite a debate, but I was determined to purchase a decent chair (even if that meant spending too much) that we could use in the future. The signs on the wall are just quotes I liked that I found on Etsy. The boat under the window is a piece we used at our wedding and I plan to use for his newborn pictures.  In the nursery it collects all his books we received as gifts at his shower!


The rest of the room is just basic. I didn’t want anything fussy because I figure the baby “stuff” and future toys will make the room look cluttered enough!

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Tripp’s First Week


Tripp’s first day in this world was a little stressful.  Since he was so big at birth yet 3 1/2 weeks early we had a few hurdles to overcome.
First, his blood sugar levels were low so we had to really focus on making him eat as much as possible to try to stabilize it.  For his size he needed a decent amount of food but being so early wasn’t 100% ready for all that. After about 10 hours he was beginning to stabilize but we still had to work to make him eat.
Next up, at about the 12 hr old mark while a nurse was feeding him he started turning purple.. talk about a parent panic attack.. Bryan and I were both fighting back the tears! The ran some tests to watch his oxygen levels and kept him calm and after about 2 hours he seemed to stabilize.  To this day we don’t know what caused this, but the nurses just chalked it up to newborn weirdness.
After these two scares things started to calm down.  He is a peaceful baby that coos and wimpers as he sleeps, its seriously adorable and I could stare at him for hours! The first night was well.. way to easy.  Our nurses were amazing and even though they had us waking him up every 2 hours to eat, he was calm and sweet.  We ended up sleeping with him on either of our chests because he did get a little fussy when we placed him in the bassinet.
During the first few days we had lots of family visits!
IMG_1699 IMG_1724 IMG_1703
Day 2 proved another challenge in his bilirubin levels were high. Bilirubin which causes jaundice, an orange-yellow pigment, is a waste product of the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin passes through the liver and eventually out of the body — mostly in feces, a small amount in urine.
His levels were high so they placed him under light therapy.  While it was sad we couldn’t hold him all day long, he was able to be in our room and he was sleeping anyways so it didn’t bother either of us that he had to fake bake! He had to wear a little mask to protect his eyes but other than that just sprawled out and soaked up the rays.  He stayed under the lights for about a day and his levels dropped to discharge levels.
Harper loves his new baby! We didn’t make it home from the hospital until 8pm day 3 and this coupled with us having been away from home for 4 days, Harper was extremely hyper! He kept sniffing us and every time Tripp made a peep Harper stopped and stared.. a little unsettling because he had the same look as when he is focused bird hunting.  We placed a bassinet on top of our dresser and Harper kept walking around it trying to get a look and smelling.
Day 4 and 5 we spent at home! Bryan had to work but was in and out constantly.  Tripp and I napped, did house work and cuddled.  His skin is so soft I cant get enough of it!
At 5 days old we went in for a follow up checkup with Tripp’s Dr, Les Wilson. Bryan and I both love Dr Wilson and he was very good with Tripp.  I had mentioned that I thought he was getting yellow (jaundiced) again so we had blood work done at the lab after his appt. His results were suppose to be back to us in 4 hours so when we didn’t hear back I thought we were in the clear… Little did I know.  At 10 PM, the on call nurse for Dr Wilson called and said his levels were high and we needed to go back to the hospital.

Headed back to TMH- We had to check in through the ER to be admitted into the pediatrics unit. This was not a fun process, they tried to give him a IV and that was heart wrenching. Poor guy screamed the entire time and they weren’t even able to get one started. By about 3AM we were in a peds room where we would stay for 3 days as his bili levels dropped and his baby acne subsided as they were curious about it as well.

7/30 @ 3pm – 20, 7/30 @ 11pm- 21.5, 7/31 @ 8am- 19, 7/31 @ 8pm- 17, 8/1 @ 8am- 15 They let us take him from under the light and watch what his levels would do after 4 hours. The level continued to go down to 14.5 by 4pm but due to his baby acne and since it was already later in the day they decided we should stay that night as well and we ended up back at home at 10am on the 2nd.

The first week was long with too much hospital time, but we are home, happy and healthy now!


Labor & Delivery

Order #182129237 - Week 38
As we were expecting, our big boy decided on making an early arrival.  On Sat, July 25 after I woke up at 5:30am I realized my waters had just broken.  Nothing traumatic or movie quality but today would be the day.  I woke Bryan up and I think we were both in shock as reality set in.  I wasn’t having contractions so was in no real rush to get to the hospital being a block away.  We had breakfast, I picked up the house some and got some last minute items together for the hospital.  Bryan was suppose to work so I sent him out to go to the bank, get himself some coffee and he ran by his job for about 20 min.
At about 9:30am I still wasn’t having contractions maybe just a little crampy but we decided to go on for the hospital.  When we got there we were checked at Triage and they confirmed my waters had broken and I was 3cm.  We were having our baby!!
Finding out we would definitely be meeting our little man that day!
By Noon we had gotten settled into our L&D room, walked the halls, had some lunch and were truthfully just hanging out. I was starting to have mild contractions and Dr Dixon decided to try to help us along and started me on pitocin- a synthetic oxytocin, which speeds up labor by causing contractions.
By about 6pm I was ready for some pain management. I received IV meds and shortly after went for the epidural.  Some say they are scared for an epidural but for me I couldn’t have been more ready for the nurse anesthetist. My back had started having spasms so I wasn’t able to relax at all between contractions, just constant contractions between labor and my back.  It took about 15 min but my back eventually let go and I was able to relax some.  I was surprised to know I could still feel the contractions, but not painful and my legs weren’t immobile as I was expecting.  The only downside to the IV meds and epidural was they made me have the shakes for about 5 minutes after they were administered.
By 10:30 the nurse came in and said she wanted me to push and see how we were doing.  She was there to see if I was ready to make progress and help coach me through how to push.  This went on until midnight without much progress and they decided to let us rest and labor down.
At this point I think Bryan was more exhausted than I was. It had been a very long day! Somehow we both managed to fall asleep at this point.  I woke up after about an hour and could tell something had changed.  I woke up Bryan and he got the nurses to come back in.  Now.. 20 hours after my water broke we were ready to deliver!
 Dr Dixon came in and after some more coaching and about an hour of pushing. Our son was born.
Tripp Michael Eubanks
July 26, 2015 at 2:36am
8lbs 13 oz 20 in long

36 Weeks and growing!

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 9.25.40 AM

At our appointment this week we had an ultrasound and checkup!  The ultrasound showed you are doing great and measuring at 38.6 weeks which is in the 90 percentile! Dr McAlpine said you are in position and ready at any time.  We talked about an induction should you not make an appearance in the next two weeks, but just going to see where we are at next weeks appt. At this point, Tripp should be fully developed and working to add on weight before delivery. according to the ultrasound he is 7lbs 12 oz.. we’re gonna have a big boy!

I finally got the last piece of the nursery in. A large wooden monogram for above the crib.  Now to get it painted and hung we will be in business!