My firsts- 6 months

Rolled over 4 1/2 months old and can push up on hands to lift head very well. Started rolling front to back and back to front about the same day! You are so proud of yourself when you roll over, especially when there is a crowd around and you get a big applause.

 Your 4 month shots got pushed back a few weeks due to you fighting your first cough and cold courteous of daycare. You also had pink eye for a few days but mom fought it for 3 weeks. At your checkup which was 1 week shy of 5 months you were 19.4 lbs and 26 1/2 in long. You are 90% in height and 97% in weight. Gonna be a big boy!! 

 Dr recommendation is to wait until 6 months for food, but at 5 months we decided you seemed to be starving, lounging for our dinner plates and curiously watching each bite of food and drink we took. Your first food was baby oatmeal cereal but that didn’t last long. School noticed you were getting food and commented that you “may need more” as you were finishing all your bottle and seems to still be wanting. We began sending food to school and your appetite quickly progressed with bananas, apples, peaches, sweet potatoes, and green beans. So far you love everything except the peaches. You especially like the banana oatmeal cereal!! 

At 6 months you weigh 22.8 lbs and are 28in tall. You eat 2.5 oz in the morning 4oz at lunch and another 5oz for dinner. Growing, hungry boy!!
This month, probably in part to the food your sleep schedule has started to regulate. You sleep well in the crib at school now and have made a few 8 hour stretches at night, the first of which dad got to enjoy as mom was out of town for work. You regularly sleep 8p-1a, nurse then sleep until 5a. Sometimes we put you in the bed with us to finish off the morning, love baby cuddles! 
Your first tooth is coming in, bottom right and the bottom left isn’t far behind. Your hands are constantly in your mouth and that grin is adorable! 



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