Where has the time gone… 2 months old!

unnamed-1  unnamed

Wow. Already 2 months old.  Tripp is growing so fast and developing new skills daily.  He smiles all the time when he is on the changing table… I think this is actually his favorite place to be.  He coos, stares out the window and smiles with all his toots and there are lots of those!

He is growing way to fast and my baby doesn’t feel like a baby anymore when I carry him. At 3.5 weeks he weighed 10.15lbs and started wearing 0-3 month clothes.  I didn’t go to the breastfeeding group for a while so at 6 weeks when I weighed him next he was 14lbs! His growth was apparent because at 6 weeks he had outgrown the 0-3mo clothes and moved on to the 3mo sizes.  Because he gained so quickly and has been having fussy spells I took him to the Dr just to make sure they didn’t think he was having any stomach issues. At 7 weeks, he weighed 15.12lbs… thats what some 6 month olds weigh!! The Dr said with him gaining a pound a week he didn’t think there was anything wrong, just a hungry boy so we will see how the next few weeks go.  Unfortunate for all the cute clothes, by the end of week 7 he had outgrown a 3mo sizes for the most part and I started dressing him in 3-6mo sizes. So many cute things he didn’t even get to wear!

Separate from the visual growing he is making lots of connections as far as holding his head up longer, being able to turn his head from either side during tummy time (which he is not a huge fan of), he likes to hold onto my hand, especially when he is upset, and he gets quite a grip on my shirt while nursing. During tummy time I sometimes think he will get himself to roll over, he is so forceful with his legs.. mostly in annoyance but he is strong! His legs are much stronger than his arms and we are working on getting him to push up with his arms.

His sleep is stretching out at night to about 5 hrs the first stretch then another 3.  We’ve put him down at 9pm for a week straight and that seems to work pretty well.  If we can get the morning sleep to last until 6:30-7 would be ideal but we’re getting there. He wakes up about 5am which is earlier than I want to start my day but late enough that he doesn’t want to go back down for too long.  All the sleep training talk about cutting out feeding tricks but with Tripp I think his bathroom schedule wakes him up.  The kid has some serious gas.  Week 8 we are starting to try to had set naps during the day.  The first day the morning nap took some work then he went down for an afternoon nap and didn’t want to wake up.  He slept from 1-2:30 when I put him in the carseat to run an errand, then slept from 2:45-6, even with me moving him from the carseat to swing once we got back home. Needless to say that was a rough night!

As I’m sitting here recounting the past few days I miss him and he is only in the next room, in his crib.. out of my arms for 1hr tops. It amazes me that even when I don’t think I can roll out of the bed one more time or think PLEASE STOP CRYING! when I look into those blue eyes it all seems ok. I’m dreading going back to work in 4 short weeks.






*Note to self… Carter’s clothes shrink a full size when they are washed so make sure they get worn early!


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