Tripp’s First Week


Tripp’s first day in this world was a little stressful.  Since he was so big at birth yet 3 1/2 weeks early we had a few hurdles to overcome.
First, his blood sugar levels were low so we had to really focus on making him eat as much as possible to try to stabilize it.  For his size he needed a decent amount of food but being so early wasn’t 100% ready for all that. After about 10 hours he was beginning to stabilize but we still had to work to make him eat.
Next up, at about the 12 hr old mark while a nurse was feeding him he started turning purple.. talk about a parent panic attack.. Bryan and I were both fighting back the tears! The ran some tests to watch his oxygen levels and kept him calm and after about 2 hours he seemed to stabilize.  To this day we don’t know what caused this, but the nurses just chalked it up to newborn weirdness.
After these two scares things started to calm down.  He is a peaceful baby that coos and wimpers as he sleeps, its seriously adorable and I could stare at him for hours! The first night was well.. way to easy.  Our nurses were amazing and even though they had us waking him up every 2 hours to eat, he was calm and sweet.  We ended up sleeping with him on either of our chests because he did get a little fussy when we placed him in the bassinet.
During the first few days we had lots of family visits!
IMG_1699 IMG_1724 IMG_1703
Day 2 proved another challenge in his bilirubin levels were high. Bilirubin which causes jaundice, an orange-yellow pigment, is a waste product of the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin passes through the liver and eventually out of the body — mostly in feces, a small amount in urine.
His levels were high so they placed him under light therapy.  While it was sad we couldn’t hold him all day long, he was able to be in our room and he was sleeping anyways so it didn’t bother either of us that he had to fake bake! He had to wear a little mask to protect his eyes but other than that just sprawled out and soaked up the rays.  He stayed under the lights for about a day and his levels dropped to discharge levels.
Harper loves his new baby! We didn’t make it home from the hospital until 8pm day 3 and this coupled with us having been away from home for 4 days, Harper was extremely hyper! He kept sniffing us and every time Tripp made a peep Harper stopped and stared.. a little unsettling because he had the same look as when he is focused bird hunting.  We placed a bassinet on top of our dresser and Harper kept walking around it trying to get a look and smelling.
Day 4 and 5 we spent at home! Bryan had to work but was in and out constantly.  Tripp and I napped, did house work and cuddled.  His skin is so soft I cant get enough of it!
At 5 days old we went in for a follow up checkup with Tripp’s Dr, Les Wilson. Bryan and I both love Dr Wilson and he was very good with Tripp.  I had mentioned that I thought he was getting yellow (jaundiced) again so we had blood work done at the lab after his appt. His results were suppose to be back to us in 4 hours so when we didn’t hear back I thought we were in the clear… Little did I know.  At 10 PM, the on call nurse for Dr Wilson called and said his levels were high and we needed to go back to the hospital.

Headed back to TMH- We had to check in through the ER to be admitted into the pediatrics unit. This was not a fun process, they tried to give him a IV and that was heart wrenching. Poor guy screamed the entire time and they weren’t even able to get one started. By about 3AM we were in a peds room where we would stay for 3 days as his bili levels dropped and his baby acne subsided as they were curious about it as well.

7/30 @ 3pm – 20, 7/30 @ 11pm- 21.5, 7/31 @ 8am- 19, 7/31 @ 8pm- 17, 8/1 @ 8am- 15 They let us take him from under the light and watch what his levels would do after 4 hours. The level continued to go down to 14.5 by 4pm but due to his baby acne and since it was already later in the day they decided we should stay that night as well and we ended up back at home at 10am on the 2nd.

The first week was long with too much hospital time, but we are home, happy and healthy now!



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