33 Weeks~ Happy 4th


This week on the Birthing Class agenda was a tour of the Labor & Delivery Floor at TMH.  I can not begin to describe how eye opening this was for myself and Bryan and how much it takes the fear of the unknown out of the anticipation.

We were able to see the labor & delivery rooms, where the OR is, and the recovery rooms.  Bryan can’t wait to spend 2+ days in a hospital… hah. Our class instructor, Karen, is exactly who I was hoping for when we signed up for the class.  A mom to 3 who just tells you how it is! The good, the bad, and the ugly truth! All about sitz baths, using ice and all the other details you don’t want to think about when having a baby. Let’s just say Bryan now has a full vision of this whole birthing process and I think it was great for the both of us.  I mean who knew if you left your room you couldn’t be carrying your baby, that he will have to be in the bassinet if we decide to wander the hospital halls… not I.

This week was also the 4th of July! Short work week and a full day on the ‘Pay Dirt’ boat to Dog Island.  It felt amazing to lay in the shallow water, eat watermelon and soak up the sun!

I’ve been a complete slacker about taking bump pics, but these are from last weekend at Clay & Jenna’s Wedding Party!

11665506_10153109382361339_1284298910332089069_n    11693812_10153109383216339_1707589957677349012_n


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