31 Weeks~ Tripp has taken over the schedule




This week was all about Tripp.  From attending our first birthing class to our couples baby shower, a 3D/4D ultrasound and when not busy at an event insomnia kicks in about 4:30am!

Birthing Class-

THM offers a ton of baby prep classes and we decided to enroll in a 5 session course that goes over breastfeeding, labor, breathing, positions, epidurals, a tour of the womens pavillion and a ton more.  We attended our first class this week and it was very informative in just that short 2 hour window. We saw filmed labors and I was shocked at how active and mobile they want you to be during labor and the contractions.  It looked like a whole workout of squats, stretching, walking and swaying back and forth. looks exhausting but guess thats why it’s called labor.  Bryan even enjoyed the class. It made me feel like maybe I could do this all natural but nahh, still planning on an epidural!

3D/4D Ultrasound-

We want our families to be involved in this process as much as possible and one of those efforts was planning a 3D/4D ultrasound for them all to attend. Pris, Gammy, Mom, Dad all attended our ultrasound on Sat before our Couples Shower.  While Tripp didn’t cooperate as per his usual ultrasound performance, we were still able to get some good pictures.  His lips look massive, wonder where those came from, and his little ears, feet and hands are just precious.  This made me so ready to hold him!



Couples Baby Shower-

Our 1st Baby Shower was  a couples shower hosted by Caylan and Joanna!IMG_8814

We had about 30 friends at dads house for dinner and had a great time. We got some super cute gifts including this Diaper 4-wheeler Julie Cosper made. IMG_8738

It was great to see everyone and their support for this next chapter in our life. Baby clothes, a boppy, Kiinde bags, shower supplies and soo much more!  I even came home and started organizing at 11pm! Who am I? The nesting has officially begun!

IMG_8778   IMG_8777

IMG_8773  IMG_8751

IMG_8763  IMG_8748  IMG_8730

IMG_8745 IMG_8734




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