30 Weeks!

Week 30

As the picture clearly states Tripp Michael Eubanks is our little mans official name!! and he is growing! At over 3lbs and 15in long now, his length is apparent and I’m feeling him move up towards my rib cage.  Until this week he has sat rather low and hasn’t caused to many changes to my lifestyle, but this week if I sit funny or walk to fast I find it slightly more difficult to catch my breath.

The weather played in my favor this week and Bryan had a rain day off work! yay for house chores.  The room got its final paint touch ups and the crib was put together and set up when I came home from work Wednesday! Seeing the crib in the room makes the pregnancy seem that much more real and is a visual that time is counting down! I love the crib given to us by my dad and Tara (Caylan ordered it for them) and it is a sigh of relief to my planner self wanting the room ready for action.

We went to Kinzi & Brandon’s baby shower which was more of a small get together but it was great to see friends and there were actually 4 pregos there myself included! Babies everywhere!!!! She was given her stroller combo by Kim & Stuart and I am ready to get ours all situated in a few weeks.

This week Caylan and I also had a girls weekend while Bryan went fishing. Barnaby’s, shopping, and pool time was just what the Dr ordered!! Was great to have a relaxing weekend after a long work week and a longer one planned for next week.  We bought a mint fishing sign for decor in the nursery, Caylan wouldn’t let me buy any clothes saying I have to wait until after the showers.

At our 30 week appointment I saw the Nurse, Angela, and she reported that all our vitals looked great. At 20lbs gained I was in a good place and Tripp’s heartbeat in the 140’s was consistent and strong. I received the Pertussis shot to hopefully pass some of that immunity to Tripp when he is born but other than that we start 2 week visits now and I’ll report back at 32 weeks.


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