28 Weeks- Memorial Day

Order #182129237 - Week 28

Memorial Weekend was so great! We spent the weekend at St George Island with Caylan, Natalie & Neel.  The water was super rough so the boys didn’t get to enjoy opening weekend of Red Snapper season but they took the little blue boat out and had a good time.

While they were fishing the girls had beach time and Caylan snuck some large and in charge bump pics.


This one is quite ridiculous!!


Harper is such a beach dog. He had waayyy too much fun and took a day to recover from all his swimming and endless digging!


Sunday night we had dinner at the house with Dad & Tara and ended up playing the board game clue.  It’s amazing how something as simple as family game night can have such an impact for quality time.

On Monday after Caylan and Nat left, Bryan and I went for a short fishing excursion out of the park.  It was so nice and peaceful to be on the water soaking up the sun. We both caught a few keepers and had a great time… beach bums and didn’t want to come home!


Baby Tripp is growing and moving nonstop! Caylan and I went for a long walk Sat morning and I was oh so sore by that afternoon.  We got sidetracked talking and passed the house by 3 blocks on the way back.. oops! Absolutely love having my bff/sister living back in Tally and around all the time!


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