The Trifecta- Bike, Belly, Bladder


Well in my last post I wrote about my workout goals for this week.  While I haven’t made any gym appearances I have ridden my bike 2x’s at Tom Brown Park.  I’ve altered my route to only the double track to avoid the all to common tree crashes I typically have on the single track and have slowed down the pace a good bit.  The goal is as much fitness as it is stress relief and quiet time!

As peaceful as it is to escape work and get to riding before the 5pm racers show I have come across a new “challenge”.  That of the Belly and the Bladder while on the Bike.  The belly is well common sense… its getting bigger! With each pedal I can feel my thigh touch which is so odd.. I’ve found myself riding with a wider pedal to try avoiding said belly but well, that is just as odd… Another few weeks and I may have to film this experience for comic relief…

The second part of the bike struggle is what really bugs me most… the bladder.  Without too much detail, I will go right before I get on the bike and about 1/4 mi in I am about to bust.  Luckily Tom Brown Park is one of the best in the country and has multiple stops at various park entrances with restrooms but come on really!  I get there is a little guy growing and taking up space but if my bladder could just work with me for about 45 min I would be ohh so grateful!  I end up fighting through it and continuing my ride but this only causes issue #1-Belly to be more of a thought.

Overall, I’m loving my afternoon rides! The Tallahassee weather is perfect out, 96 and all sun today, and I’d much rather be out getting some fresh air and sunshine than running on a hamster wheel at the gym.  For now the Trifecta continues.. hopefully for a good bit longer!!


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