Are we seriously half way there…. 20 Weeks!


This can’t be real life!! I am half way through my first pregnancy!!

20 weeks seems crazy, despite the anticipation and desire to meet our little man ASAP, these 10 months are flying by!!

5 months, 11lbs, and stretchy clothes later… August is quickly approaching.  I’m still wearing mostly my regular clothes but have to flip through the closet and evaluate if I’ll actually fit into each piece.  Skirts, shorts, pants.. definitely out but most shirts I can work with and some of my dresses. We went to a wedding party for Austin & Ciera Dickenson and I found myself at Marshall’s an hour before we were suppose to be there hoping to find a maxi dress.. and super shocker.. I found one that I love, it has rouching around the waist and makes my bump show vs just looking like a gut!  It will definitely be worn out by the time summer ends!!

The gym and I haven’t exactly been friends lately.. I haven’t been in about 3 weeks but I’ve set a goal for 3 gym sessions and either yoga or biking this week.  I’ve already got gym clothes packed and in the car because if I have to come home after work to change I know the cough will defeat me!   Here’s to 21 week fitness!

I am soo ready to have a nursery set up and everything in its place but to be honest haven’t even cleaned out the nursery room and still have to figure out what I am going to do with that furniture.   I hate to get rid of it but really don’t have a need for it at this time… to Roberts storage garage it goes 🙂 sorry dad! It truthfully gives me anxiety that I’m not all planned and ready to go, Bryan even talks about us moving before August.. STRESSFUL!!

We received two baby gifts this week.. one from my college roommate, Sarah, and one from Bryan’s sister, Joanna.  Loving the little outfits.. and since there already moms they both gave clothes in larger sizes not just newborn since we may skip that phase all together!

Little man still doesn’t have a 100% name but we are getting close to making a decision if we haven’t already, at least on a first name.  I find myself referring to him by name so I’m thinking it is gonna stick. He is kicking and moving all the time and yes, I’m still obsessed!


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