19 Weeks


Week 19 was a week of growth.  I put on 2lbs this week and was informed we should expect a big baby 🙂

Dr Willis, the Fetal and Maternal Medicine MD that I saw to run all of the screening tests is great!  We had our second ultrasound with him this week as part of the screenings and he said Baby Boy is looking great.  We were able to see his heart beat and the ultrasound was in color so you could see when and where the heart was pumping in and out!! Very cool experience.  This ultrasound also checked his internal organs and allowed for lots of measurements.  To know surprise as Bryan and myself aren’t exactly little people buy Baby Boy is weighing and measuring at almost 20 weeks.  So almost a full 2 weeks larger than average!! Yikes!! Dr Willis said I was right on track but that he will most likely be a big baby.. My first thought is that he needs to come out before he becomes a beast!!!

What I loved the most.. this picture. I know I’ve mentioned it before but we were able to see his little fingers and toes.

unnamed-1His right foot and 5 littles toes on the left and top of his head on the right!! Love him already!!

This week we also set dates for our baby showers.  A couples shower will be on June 20th at my dads and a girls & family shower will be on June 28th at Susie Leckinger’s.  Can’t wait for all the baby gear 🙂


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