18 Weeks… oh baby


Woahhh belly!! I’ve officially been asked by strangers when I’m due and what I’m having.. guess that bump has finally made its lasting appearance.  I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the last 2 weeks.  May have something to do with 24hr self-serve cruise ice cream but it was soo good 🙂

Our little man is growing right along with me and this week marks a huge first.  I can finally feel him moving and kicking and I absolutely love it.  I am constantly holding my belly and telling my coworkers that the little guy is going crazy in there!!! and Bryan’s hand gets grabbed and placed on my belly all the time, in the car, having dinner, or walking out in public.  It took a few times because he seems to stop when I draw attention to his movement but Bryan was able to feel him move too! He is most active about 2-4pm but as each day passes I feel him more and more throughout the day!

After the “are you pregnant” or “when are you due” the next questions are “what are you having” and “what is his name”??  Well… we don’t have a name yet.  I know many people don’t at this stage but I’m ready to have it settled.  We have a running list but just haven’t totally agreed.  I openly admit to being a little monogram crazed so I’m ready to have some initials!!!!! hopefully soon but for now he’s just little man 🙂

At our last appointment which is when we found out he was a boy, I was told I’m at 9lbs gained which is right on track and still projected for an August 18th due date.  We could see his hands and even count his little toes.  I’m totally in love and Bryan had so much fun with the ultrasound.  It truly is amazing how fast babies develop and how clear technology makes it to see them this clear this early along!  We go back for the Anomaly or 20 week anatomy scan next week and I can’t wait to see him again.



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