~Week 13~


We had our 3 month appt this week and baby’s heartbeat was high 150’s right where it’s suppose to be!! So exciting to hear.   Talked to nurses into scheduling the next ultrasound a little early so we will know to expect a Prince or Princess on March 13th and will be able to have a “Lashes or “Staches” Reveal on our 1 year Anniversary March 15th!!!

We had a great Valentines day and had huge fancy breakfast and a nice dinner at home!!

Baby Mama- Got to visit all my Fl Tech girls this week and played volleyball for 2 hours. Man am I sore 🙂  Marcela is in The States from Brazil… getting married…. and she was super excited to find out she will be an auntie to Baby Eubanks and Baby Dixon!

IMG_1352   IMG_1351

Weight Gain- 2 lbs.  Decided to stop at the Maternity outlet on the way to Melbourne and got some jeans, shorts and a few tops.  They’re still a little big and I haven’t worn them yet but super comfy!!

Cravings- Buffalo Chicken.. anything!

Baby Names: trying not to come up with anything before we know Boy or Girl


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