Taking the plunge!

While I’m only 13 weeks in, it seems like so mush has happened since we found out the BIG news! Baby Eubanks will be making their arrival come August 2015.  As a way to remember all the steps of our little ones life before birth and all the moments to come I’ve decided to create</strong a blog as a journal!

Heres a recap of what has been going on:

Week 4: found out we were pregnant, Bryan then had to leave for 4 days for a hunting trip while my mind was on overdrive!  He was pretty distracted while packing 🙂
My Body- had been cramping a lot which led me to think something was up 🙂

Week 6: we decided to break the news to our immediate family! It was Christmas and I just couldn’t keep a secret any longer.  We broke the news to Caylan first, and needless to say she lost it. Cried, a few…multiple times 🙂  I think she is as excited as we are!!

Christmas morning started of at the Eubanks.  I didn’t get it on camera but Grandmama knew after ripping off only a corner of a Grandma’s are the Best book.  They are very excited to have a grandchild in Tally.  We may never see our child with all the grandparent love they are going to get!

After Eubanks Christmas we went to Roberts Christmas.  Caylan was very good not to ruin our surprise but when it was time to tell she was moving things along quickly! Here is the video Caylan took.  Dad was a little slow reading his card while Tara figured her grandma book out right off.  The suspense and anticipation during this time was so much to handle.

Moms Surprise- Mom’s big surprise came the day after Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with her but didn’t want to break the news in front of others.  I absolutely love her reaction.

Week 7: Found out a friend is also expecting, 3 days before us and I may have shed a tear, seemed like all my prego girls were out of town so I was so excited to have someone on this journey at the same time here in Tally!!

Baby Momma– felt so bloated I could barely button my pants.  I would really love to sleep, like all day!

Week 8- We got to meet you for the very first time! Ultrasound looked great, we could see your heartbeat, 172 bpm!

Dr is at N Fl Womens Care, Dr McAlpine. Baby’s EDD is August 18th! Going to be a hot summer!!

Week 9- broke the news to some friends and more family!

Week 10- I want to eat 5 meals a day which I worry is having me gain to much weight but I think my gain is only 1-2lbs at this point.

Baby Daddy- Bryan has been looking at baby names, daily!! Melts my heart

Baby Momma- This was the first week I decided to start the Baby Bump Photo shoot as well.  Not much to see, but after a big meal there is a little bulge.

wk 10

Week 11- Cousin Emma came to visit and when asked to guess Boy or Girls she says boy…We shall see!

Baby Momma- Found out Whitney is a CF gene carrier.  Scary thought, May have had quite the meltdown… but we are hopeful.  To have CF, Bryan would also have to be a carrier and then there would be a 25% chance.

Coupled with the CF testing the hormonal craziness is starting to show.  Bryan says I’m so all over the place I don’t even realize it.. oh well. Love you Babe!

Week 12- Mommy got to see you again, felt bad daddy wasn’t there but we didn’t know to expect an ultrasound. Heartbeat at 163 bpm, Dr Willis said initial scans looks negative for Downs.  We had originally decided not to go for the Downs and genetic testing as it wouldnt make a difference, but with the scare of CF I caved and decided to go for the extra tests.  We figured it would in fact be better to know what to expect so we could be best prepared should there be any complications.

Baby Momma- Week 12 Bump
wk 12
Week 13- Made it past the 1st Trimester! and no morning sickness!!! Tired, bloated, and recently hormonal but feeling great so far!

Baby bump is starting to arrive! We have our 2nd OB appointment this week and I’m excited to see what all the Dr has to say.  Hoping to schedule the next ultrasound for March 13th, 17 1/2 weeks so we can celebrate our 1st Anniversary with a Gender Reveal Party. Theme: Lashes or ‘staches?



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